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At the age of six I told my mother my favorite color was rainbow glitter and I have remained captivated by all things colorful and shiny ever since. My college senior thesis explored glitter as a medium in contemporary art. After graduating from Bard College in 2011, I upgraded from glitter to diamonds and attended the Gemological Institute of America to become a certified Graduate Gemologist. Diamondoodles is the expression of years of fine arts training, glitter theory and an obsession with all that sparkles. Diamondoodles is a practice of patience and a controlled expression of OCD. Like Tibetan monks creating mandalas from colored sand, arranging the gemstones is a mindful and impermanent process. Also, Diamondoodles are whimsical, clever, quirky, and occasionally perverted.
Hannah Becker CEO & Creative Director

The Doodles




I will create diamondoodles to suit your brand's print and digital needs: from advertisement to web graphics, holiday cards to packaging.


I will create custom windows and displays that highlight your product and brand identity accompanied by a pinch or a whole lot of my characteristic wit and whimsy.

Social Media

Let's collaborate, build content and cross promote to reach your target audience.

Wild Dreams

Have a crazy project you need help developing? I'm excited to consult on creative projects big and small. Reach out!



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